Allergen Charts & Gluten-Free/Dairy-Free Menus

We want to make sure that everyone who visits our pubs has the best time possible. If you have allergic reactions to certain ingredients then it is not always possible to sit back and relax if you are unsure of exactly what is in the food you are eating.

Please let your server know of any allergies or intolerances you may have before you order.  Allergen information by dish is contained in our Allergen Menu which is available upon request. Whilst we have kitchen protocols in place designed to address the risk of cross-contamination of allergens, our kitchens are busy environments.  As such, we cannot guarantee the total absence of allergens in our kitchens.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask one of our team.

These menus are also available as hard copies in the pub and if you are in any doubt then please speak to a manager in charge for further help.

Food Allergens

A La Carte AllergensSet Menu AllergensDessert & Cheese Allergens

Sunday Menu Allergens – Children’s Menu Allergens – Pub Grub Allergens

Bar MenuCanapes Allergens Virgin Experience AllergensPie Allergens

£30 Party Menu Allergens – £40 Party Menu Allergens – £50 Party Menu Allergens

Breakfast Allergens


Drinks Allergens

Red Wine AllergensWhite Wine AllergensSparkling, Rosé & Dessert Wine Allergens

Cocktail Allergens – Spirit AllergensSoft Drink Allergens – Beer Allergens

Perfect Partners AllergensNon-Alcoholic Cocktail AllergensOther Drinks Allergens